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Insulting other visitors of the project Buff-Cheat is considered one of the most serious violations and is severely punished by the administration. Racism, religious and political statements are strictly prohibited in our country. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for the desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

Пользовательское соглашение

Website https://buff-cheat.ru (hereinafter referred to as Buff-Cheat or Website) is an Internet resource that provides Auxiliary applications for various computer games, a platform for User communication and other sections. An Auxiliary application (hereinafter referred to as an Auxiliary Application or Product) is software designed to work on a computer that provides the User with the opportunity to excel over other players of a computer game for which this application was developed, through various auxiliary functions that affect the gameplay. The use of the Website or Auxiliary Application is possible only under the conditions set forth in these User and License Agreements. If you do not agree to its terms, then you should immediately stop using the Site and the Auxiliary Application. Using the Site or the Auxiliary Application means that you agree to the terms of these License and User Agreements.

Terms and definitions

Website — an Internet resource located on the Internet at https://buff-cheat.ru. The Site, depending on the context, also means the Site's software, design (graphic design) The Site, the database of the Site, any of its sections and subsections, as well as information posted on the Site by the Site Administration.

Site Administration is a person who owns all the relevant exclusive property rights to the Site or Auxiliary Applications, including the rights to the domain name of the Site, and administers it.

The User is the person who purchased the Buff-Cheat Product. For the purposes of the User Agreement, the User is also understood as a person who has not purchased the Product, but accesses the Site or Auxiliary Application and/or uses and/or has used it. Any person accessing the Site or Auxiliary Application automatically confirms that he fully agrees with the provisions of the User and License Agreements, and that the requirements established by these agreements apply to him.

Information — any information, messages, data, regardless of the form of their presentation, posted by the User on the Site, including: personal data of Users, links to other sites, any text messages, photos (images), audio and/or video works, computer programs, and other files.

A database is an objective form of providing and organizing aggregate data, systematized in such a way that this data can be found and processed using software, hardware and technical means of a Website or Auxiliary Application.

Spam — mass, unauthorized and/or unexpected mailings and other mailings of an advertising, informational, propaganda or other nature by recipients.

Any terms and concepts used in the Agreement and not reflected in the "Terms and Definitions" section will be interpreted in accordance with the meaning arising from the text of the User or License Agreements. In case of any disagreement regarding the interpretation of the term and/or the concept used in the User or License Agreements, the interpretation that will be determined by the Administration will apply.

Subject and general provisions of the User and License Agreements

These User and License Agreements (hereinafter and earlier — the Agreement or Agreements) establish the terms and conditions of use of the Site or Auxiliary Application. Access to the Site or Auxiliary Application, use of the Site or Auxiliary Application and/or performing any other actions on the Site or in the Auxiliary Application by the User means that the User accepts and undertakes to comply with all the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended by the Administration at any time without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.

License Agreement for the use of the Buff-Cheat Product

By purchasing our products, you automatically agree to the terms of service

[1] Cheat bypass may stop functioning and stop updates without refund

[1.1] If the built-in spoofer stops working, there is no refund!

[2] Refund only in case of complete inactivity of the cheat at the time of purchase + video with proof (From purchase to software check)

[2.1] For the spoofer, it is necessary if there is no manibeck

[!] ANSI mode is enabled for Hard drives

[!] Secure Boot mode is disabled

[2.2] A return in case of non-operability of the cheat is possible only after reinstalling windows to the one that says tech.support + subsequent launch of the program via remote access by support

[3] Refund is NOT possible when your account is blocked

[4] Refund if you bought a cheat and your build does not fit the ones specified in the topic is not possible

[5] Some functionality may stop working after updating the game - there is no moneyback

[6] If you activated the key not on your hardware (Using a spoofer) - there is no moneyback (Resetting the Hwid at the discretion of the project administration)

[7] Insulting the project administration - Refusal of technical assistance

[8] Insulting participants, users, buyers is prohibited - Refusal of technical assistance

[10] It is forbidden to engage in "Anti-PR" activities of the project - Refusal of technical assistance (Example: Do not buy software shit)

[11] Running prohibited programs or having them on a PC / Hacking attempts - There is no Moneyback (Subscription blocking is possible)

List of prohibited software:

[12] If our spoofer has reset your Windows activation or subscription to a third-party product - There is no compensation for damage & No Moneyback

[13] The sale/ resale of subscriptions to our products without our consent is prohibited - subscription deletion

[14] Extension of subscription time in case of detection / renewal - At the discretion of the administration

[15] Purchase of software with the USE AT RISK / UPDATE / DETECTED status is solely at your risk - There is no refund

[16] We are not responsible for Bsod (Blue screens, etc.) - in case of Windows failure, there is no moneyback & no compensation for damage

The User undertakes not to distribute the Buff-Cheat Product on the Internet or in any other place where digital information may be stored.

As a condition of use, the User undertakes not to use the Buff-Cheat Product for any purposes that are illegal or violate the Agreement.

The User does not have the right to reverse, analyze, modify, etc. of the Buff-Cheat Product, as well as transfer his authorization data (login and password) and resell the Buff-Cheat Product to third parties.

To prevent the distribution of the Product on the Internet, Buff-Cheat uses linking the Product to a computer, which makes it impossible to launch the Product on other or several computers. The product will only work on the computer on which it was launched for the first time. ( Inside this item: replacing any internal computer devices is similar to launching the Product on another computer )

Any violation of the rules is punishable by endless subscription blocking or any other way of punishment without violating the terms of the Agreement and the User's rights.

The administration of Buff-Cheat has the right to store and process confidential user information: computer name, ip address and any other possible information about the User that is not personal data of the User (by the type of passwords and files on the User's computer), but may be Personal Data of such (determined by the terms of this Agreement).

The User assumes all possible consequences of using Auxiliary Applications. The Administration does not bear any responsibility for the possible consequences of using Auxiliary Applications.

The User agrees to send anonymous statistics in order to improve the quality of the Buff-Cheat Product.

All rights to modify and distribute the Product belong to Buff-Cheat.

Last edit date: 01.10.2022